Broken Dentures: Repair, Don’t Replace

September 16, 2016 Staff 0 Comments

Dentures, both partial and full, are an excellent option for anyone with missing, damaged, or decayed teeth. But, they’re not indestructible. After some time, you may start to notice signs of wear and tear or even damage to your dentures. It is important that you are able to spot these signs so that you know when your dentures need repairing or replacing. Then it’s just down to whether you should repair broken dentures or have them replaced entirely.

Why denture replacement is the best option

In cases where severe damage has occurred to your dentures, repair is very unlikely to be an option; they will need replacing completely. In cases of more minor damage and wear, repair may be an option, but it isn’t always advisable. A small chip could be quite easily repaired, but it might not then be able to hold up under the pressure of your bite, depending on the location of the damage.

Another thing to think about is what caused the damage in the first place. If it wasn’t the result of an accident such as dropping them on the floor, then it’s likely that the dentures weren’t fitting right or in good condition anymore. This indicates that they probably already needed replacing before the damage happened and something just pushed them over the edge to finally crack or chip.

Replacing your dentures is the more cost-effective option, even though it might cost a little more than a repair. When you repair dentures, they will not be as strong and durable as new ones, especially if they were already a few years old when the damage happened. This means you might end up having to replace them in a few months after already paying for the repair.

How to extend the life of your dentures

Dentures typically last around five to eight years. If you want to prolong their life before they need repairing or replacing, follow these simple tips:

  • Store them right – Store your dentures in a plastic case so they don’t accidentally get stepped or sat on, or broken when dropped.
  • Avoid hard foods – Eating hard foods like hard candies can cause excessive wear and tear to your dentures.
  • Soak them overnight – You should soak your dentures when you take them out at night so that they don’t dry out as this can cause them to crack.

You can also read these tips on how to properly clean your dentures. We can repair or replace dentures for patients in North Carolina, covering the areas of Clemmons, Lewisville, Mocksville, Winston Salem, Advance, and Bermuda Run. Get in touch if you need denture care.

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