Do I Need to Replace My Dentures?

December 30, 2021 Staff 0 Comments

Dentures are an amazing substitute for natural teeth, allowing people to look, talk, and eat normally after damage to their teeth or removal of teeth for whatever reason. After an initial adjustment period, they should be very comfortable and will last you for a long time. But, this doesn’t mean they’ll last you forever.

You should get your dentures and your oral health checked by your dentist at least once a year in case they need adjusting, repairing, or replacing. If you notice any problems between appointments, then you should always get them checked out with your dentist.

Here are a few things to look out for that might indicate that your dentures need replacing:

Loose dentures

Your gums and mouth will change slightly over time, which may affect the fit of your dentures in your mouth. If you notice that they have become loose or they slip out of place while you’re talking or eating, then they will likely need either adjusting or replacing.

Sore spots

Dentures that don’t fit properly can irritate your gums and mouth, causing sore spots in your mouth that can become worse over time and lead to further complications.

Visible wear or damage

If you can see that your dentures are becoming worn or if you have cracked or broken a tooth somehow, then you should visit your dentist. They may be able to repair the damage, or else the dentures will need replacing.

Change in facial features

Teeth and dentures help to support the facial tissue and muscles around your mouth. If your dentures are not fitting properly, then they will not be providing the proper support. Over time, this will cause your facial features to change, so this could be a sign that your dentures need replacing.

Difficulty eating or talking

Once you get used to your dentures, you should be able to eat and talk without difficulty. If chewing food becomes difficult or painful, or if you notice that you start slurring your words or talking with an impediment, then visit your dentist for their guidance on replacing or adjusting your dentures.

Caring for your dentures is just as important as caring for your original teeth, so it’s important that you see your dentist when any issues arise. Visit us in Advance, NC for a variety of dental services. We serve patients in Clemmons, Lewisville, Mocksville, Winston Salem, Advance, Bermuda, and surrounding areas.

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