Do You Suffer from Sensitive Teeth?

September 16, 2019 Staff 0 Comments

Sensitive teeth is a problem that affects a lot of people – at least 40 million adults in the US. For some, the pain from sensitive teeth might occur temporarily, while others will have to manage this condition on a more ongoing basis. If you have sensitive teeth and are looking for solutions, then read on to find out more about what causes them and how to treat or manage the pain.

What causes sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth and the resulting pain occur when the enamel wears away from the surface of your teeth. This means there is a thinner layer protecting your sensitive nerves and roots, making them more exposed. Tooth sensitivity can affect a single tooth or multiple teeth at once. Pain especially occurs when exposed to cold air, cold drinks, as well as hot food and drink, and overly sweet or acidic foods.

A number of causes can lead to the enamel wearing thin. A high-sugar diet and infrequent brushing can cause plaque to eat away at the tooth, and acidic food and drinks can also cause tooth erosion over time. Brushing your teeth too hard can also wear away at the surface, as can grinding your teeth.

Temporary tooth sensitivity may also occur as a result of dental treatment, after having braces or a dental implant fitted, for example. Or, if you have a tooth filling that has come loose, it may leave sensitive or damaged parts of your teeth exposed. Dental conditions such as gum disease can cause your gums to recede, leaving your roots more exposed.

How to treat sensitive teeth

If you experience sensitive teeth, then start by visiting your dentist to asses your condition. They will be able to determine if an underlying condition or behavior is causing the sensitivity or if your brushing or dietary habits need to change. In most cases, the pain and sensitivity should go away by using a sensitive toothpaste and avoiding irritants, like cold drinks, for a couple of weeks.

If your dentist identifies that you grind your teeth in your sleep, then they might suggest that you wear a mouth guard at night. Take a look at some more tips to help you stop grinding your teeth in your sleep.

To help prevent tooth sensitivity, you should keep up your regular brushing habits but make sure that you are not brushing too hard or too vigorously. You might want to continue using a sensitive toothpaste to keep the problem at bay. You should also try to cut back on sugary and acidic food and drink to improve the health of your enamel.

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