How to Care for Dentures and Partials

October 18, 2022 Staff 0 Comments

You’ve spent your whole life caring for your teeth the way you were taught to as a child. But, it’s a whole new ballgame when you first get full dentures or partial dentures fitted. Your teeth look as good as new, but you have to learn new rules for taking care of these dentures and keeping them in good condition.

If you need help with knowing how to care for your dentures and partials, then read on for our expert advice. And if you’re unsure of the differences between full and partial dentures, then check out this blog for more information.

Cleaning tips

Just like natural teeth, your dentures need cleaning every day. You should rinse your dentures in warm water after you eat to make sure they are clear of debris. You should also brush them at least once a day with a soft brush and denture paste to ensure they stay clean. Any bacteria left on your dentures can lead to further problems such as gum infections. Be sure to take care when cleaning your dentures as they can become damaged if you drop them or hit them against a hard surface.

How to store dentures and partials

It is important that you don’t let your dentures dry out, so they should be stored in warm water whenever you are not using them, especially overnight when you should remove them. Make sure you never place them in hot water as this can cause the dentures to warp, resulting in improper fit. You can also place denture cleaning tablets in the water while you are storing them to provide additional cleaning overnight.

When to replace your dentures

Dentures and partials are durable, but they won’t last forever. It is important that you have regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure that your dentures are still in good condition and are fitting well in your mouth. If you have problems such as sores on your gums, then your dentures may not fit properly, so you should arrange an appointment with your dentist.

Other signs such as increased difficulty eating or talking with your dentures in, or changes to the shape of your face around your mouth could also indicate that your dentures need replacing. And, of course, if you notice any visible damage to your dentures or partial, then a repair or total replacement may be needed. Read this blog for more information on when you need to replace your dentures.

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