How to Choose the Right Toothbrush

December 28, 2019 Staff 0 Comments

There are some things you buy that you just go straight for the cheapest option. Your toothbrush shouldn’t be one of them. We’re not saying you have to spend a fortune, but a low-quality toothbrush could actually damage your teeth and gums.

But what’s better, an electric or manual toothbrush? And what other factors do you need to consider when buying a toothbrush? Read on for our tips and recommendations on how to choose the right toothbrush.

Electric vs manual

The debate of electric vs manual toothbrushes is still hotly contested. Some say electric toothbrushes are much more effective, while others see no difference. It mostly comes down to personal preference and brushing habits.

Some people can benefit from switching to an electric toothbrush because they tend to brush too hard with a manual toothbrush. Others find that they’re more likely to brush for the recommended two minutes with a manual because it is a more active process. Whichever type of brush will help you keep up a good oral hygiene routine is usually the best to go for, unless your dentist recommends a specific type.

Remember that electric toothbrushes will generally be more expensive than manual ones, but also that you won’t need to replace them as often. You do, however, still have to replace the heads on a regular basis to ensure they remain effective and hygienic.

Type of bristles

You may notice toothbrushes advertising soft, medium, or hard bristles, although hard bristles are increasingly difficult to come by. Generally, most people should use soft bristles as these effectively clear away debris, bacteria, and plaque without damaging the teeth and gums. If you have sensitive teeth, then you might be advised to use extra soft-bristled toothbrushes. Medium or hard bristles may be able to clear away more plaque, but they are also likely to wear away the enamel of your teeth and cause damage to the gums.

The handle

The shape and style of the handle mostly comes down to comfort when holding your toothbrush. So, pick a style you like and see if it suits your grip. This may require some trial and error to decide which is the best handle for you.

ADA Seal of Approval

Another important thing to look out for is a seal of approval from the American Dental Association. This ensures that the toothbrush and its bristles are safe and effective to use.

If you need any help selecting the right toothbrush and toothpaste for your teeth, contact us online at any time. Or book an appointment with Advance Family Dental for pain-free dentistry in Bermuda Run, NC.

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