Pain-Free Dentistry

November 15, 2017 Staff 0 Comments

The family dentist isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite place to spend their time. Whether they’ve had a painful experience in the past or just fear the stereotypes that are associated with dentistry. Fears typically involve large drills and painful injections that can even prompt people to avoid going to the dentist altogether.

It’s time to fear the family dentist no longer! Dentistry has evolved a great deal in the last couple of decades, so many of the painful procedures have been replaced by more advanced methods of treatment. Family dentists all over the country are moving towards pain-free dentistry, including Barabe Dental. In fact, there’s more reason to fear skipping the dentist than going to them.

Here are just a few ways dentists can improve your oral health without you experiencing pain.

Pain-free injections

If you have a fear of injections or just can’t stand the pain of oral injections, then you’ll be a fan of the latest technology that eases and even removes this pain. Many dental practices are turning towards The Wand, a computerized technology that delivers pain-free injections by administering the anaesthesia slowly.

Another option is DentalVibe. This tool is used at the same time as an injection to block the pain signals from reaching the brain, so you don’t feel it. DentalVibe applies vibrations to the gum where the injection is occurring so that this feeling overrides the pain of the injection. Some practices also use numbing gels for a similar effect.

Laser treatments

Lasers are becoming a popular tool for pain-free dentistry. They allow dentists to be as accurate as possible with their methods and remove the need for drilling and cutting into the teeth or gums. Some laser procedures are completely pain-free, which means there’s no need for needles and anaesthesia. Laser procedures also typically require less healing time than traditional dentistry methods, which also means less pain while your teeth and gums heal.

Sedation dentistry

Dentists may sedate their patients to help them feel more mentally and physically relaxed and to reduce any pain the procedure may cause. This is a good option for anyone with a serious dental phobia. The level of sedation and method of administration can vary. Sedation can come through inhaling a gas like nitrous oxide, swallowing a pill such as halcion, or through an IV.

So, if you’re still putting off seeing your family dentist for fear of the pain and discomfort, give yourself one less thing to worry about by visiting a painless dentist. We practice pain-free dentistry at Barabe Dental. Get in touch for treatment across Clemmons, Lewisville, Mocksville, Winston Salem, Advance, and Bermuda Run.

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