Tips and Tricks for New Denture Wearers

September 16, 2016 Staff 0 Comments

When you talk to someone who wears dentures, chances are that you won’t even notice. Dentures are made and fit to look and feel natural in your mouth, but they can take some getting used to. At first, you might find it difficult to speak and eat with your dentures in. You’ve also got to get used to looking after your dentures and cleaning them in the correct way.

Once you’ve got used to them, wearing dentures will be like second nature to you. This blog will help you get there with some tips for new denture wearers.

Keep brushing your teeth

Your new dentures need looking after just like your natural teeth did because they also collect plaque and bacteria that needs cleaning off. So, you should still brush your dentures with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can get specialized denture toothpaste for a really effective clean. It’s also recommendable to lightly brush your natural gums and your tongue to keep your mouth clear of bacteria.

Sing or read out loud

You might find speaking awkward when you first get dentures fitted. This can make you feel self-conscious when talking to your friends or when you’re speaking to waiters or shop clerks, for example. To get used to speaking with dentures in, you should practice reading out loud to yourself when you’re at home. Singing can also be a good idea. This will all help you get used to moving your mouth around your dentures and keeping them in position.

Don’t sleep in your dentures

You should give your mouth and gums a rest overnight, so always take your dentures out when you go to bed and leave them to soak overnight. If you wear your dentures too much, then they can place too much pressure on your gums and bones, so while you’re sleeping is the perfect time to give them a few hours off. Leaving your dentures to soak overnight in a solution designed for dentures will remove any bacteria and plaque that has built up during the day, improving your oral hygiene.

Keep visiting your dentist

It is really important to get regular check-ups, especially when you first have dentures fitted. At your check-ups, your dentist can asses the fit of your dentures and whether any adjustments are needed. They can also see the condition and hygiene of your dentures, giving you tips accordingly on how to properly look after them.

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