Tooth Fairy Ideas for Your Child

August 17, 2021 Staff 0 Comments

One of the most fun ways of getting your child excited about taking care of their teeth is through the tooth fairy. This magical creature doesn’t just leave money under the pillow, but they can also teach your child about oral hygiene and the importance of it, and help them understand that going to the dentist or losing a tooth doesn’t have to be scary.

If you’re looking for some creative ideas for the next time your child loses a tooth, read on…

Handwritten letters

Make visits from the tooth fairy more personal by introducing your child to their tooth fairy through a handwritten letter. You can then keep your child’s tooth fairy the same throughout their childhood, like that fairy has been assigned to your child. Writing in calligraphy will (or paying someone else to do it) will make the letter look a little more special and will disguise your handwriting. Or add a little magic with sparkly ink or even invisible ink. You could also encourage your child to write a letter to their tooth fairy to leave with the tooth.

Create an entrance for the tooth fairy

Has your child ever asked how the tooth fairy gets inside your home? Something fun for them to do is create a special doorway for the tooth fairy to come through. Get the arts and crafts kit out with plenty of glitter and sparkle to create a small entrance you can stick to the wall or window when your child is expecting the tooth fairy.

Tooth fairy books

Feed your child’s imagination while also teaching them the basics of oral hygiene in a fun way with storybooks about the tooth fairy. There are lots of options if you look online, and you can even find books you can personalize with your child’s name and the name of their tooth fairy.

Tooth box or basket

Why just put your child’s tooth under their pillow when you could create a special container for the tooth fairy to collect it from? You can buy a small box or basket and your child can decorate it how they want. A tiny pillow is great for placing the tooth onto, which you can then place in the basket.

Oral hygiene is so important as your child grows up, so make sure you encourage daily tooth brushing and other good practices from a young age. And if your child needs a check-up with a friendly family dentist, then contact Advance Family Dentists for appointments in Advance, NC.