What Are the Best Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth?

December 28, 2018 Staff 0 Comments

You already know that eating and drinking too much sugar is bad for your teeth, but what kind of food and drink should we have to boost the health of our teeth? Fill your diet with these star foods for cleaner, stronger, and healthier teeth…

Dairy products

Calcium is well known to be essential for healthy teeth and bones. So, any milk, cheese, and yogurt in your diet is good for strengthening your teeth. Yogurt can be filled with sugar though, so try to opt for plain and unsweetened versions. Cheese and milk can also increase the pH levels in your mouth, counteracting the acidic effects of certain foods. This helps to decrease the risk of tooth decay.

Leafy greens

Leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach are chocked full of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the health of your teeth. The calcium in them helps your teeth and provides a great alternative for anyone who’s sensitive to dairy. They’re also filled with folic acid, which is good for your gums.

Crunchy foods

Sometimes it’s not what’s in your foods that counts but their texture. Crunchy foods like apples and raw carrot and celery kind of act like toothbrushes when you chew them. They can disrupt plaque on your teeth and help to remove particles of food. All the chewing required also increases saliva production in your mouth. This also helps to remove food particles and even bacteria from your teeth by essentially washing it away, reducing your risk of developing cavities.

Fluoridated water

Water is obviously a good choice of beverage because it doesn’t contain sugar that is harmful to your teeth. It can also help to wash away food and bacteria when drunk between meals or snacks. To go one step further, drink fluoridated water. Fluoride is added to the municipal water supply in many parts of the US. This is because it helps to strengthen your enamel, making your teeth stronger and preventing problems like decay and tooth replacement.


If it’s teeth whitening you’re looking for, then strawberries could be your friend. Although they contain natural sugars, strawberries can be good for your teeth as they also contain malic acid. This helps to whiten your enamel and prevent stains from forming in the future.

If you’re eating for oral health, then there are still lots of tasty foods you can enjoy. For more oral care advice or to book a check-up, contact Barabe dentist for painless dentist services around Clemmons, Lewisville, Mocksville, Winston Salem, Advance, and Bermuda Run.

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