When to Choose Tooth Extraction Services

September 8, 2017 Staff 0 Comments

As a child, losing a tooth is an exciting moment. It was a big milestone and often meant you could expect to find some extra pocket money under your pillow the next morning. As we grow up, however, the thought of losing our teeth is not as compelling. We do what we can to keep our teeth in good health, making regular trips to the dentist and maintaining good oral hygiene to keep our smiles full.

However, there are situations where removing a tooth is the best possible course of action. Of course, your dentist will try to prevent this whenever possible with procedures such as fillings or crowns, but sometimes this isn’t enough.

What situations might require tooth extraction services?


If an accident results in chipped or broken teeth, then the course of treatment will depend on the severity. Some may be able to be mended without the need for extraction, but where the injury is more severe, the tooth or teeth may need to be removed.

Severe decay

Similarly, most cases of decay can be resolved through fillings and improved dental hygiene. However, severe cases of tooth decay result in teeth that cannot be saved.


An infected tooth is typically treated through root canal treatment. If it does not respond to this course of treatment, then tooth extraction may be the next option. Tooth extraction may also be necessary in response to gum disease, if there is insufficient bone to support the tooth, for example.


Sometimes, tooth extraction is necessary simply due to the natural makeup of a person’s mouth. It might be that a tooth is growing in the wrong direction or that there is simply not enough space in the mouth for a tooth to grow. In which case, one or more teeth may be removed to fix this problem. This is commonly seen before a patient begins orthodontal treatment.

Wisdom teeth

Problems with wisdom teeth are quite common. People often have pain when their wisdom teeth come through. If the pain is severe enough, then extraction of the tooth may be recommended. Also, similar to the overcrowding problem, there might not be a space for the wisdom tooth to grow into, in which case tooth extraction may also be necessary. Many people have their wisdom teeth removed as a preventative measure.

Good oral hygiene can help to provide many of these problems, but tooth extraction is nothing to worry about if you do require it. It is a simple procedure and, with the proper aftercare, healing time is minimal.

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