Dentures: An Ideal Solution for People of All Ages

June 10, 2019 Staff 0 Comments

If you ask people their opinions on dentures, most people will think of them as a dental solution for the elderly. While the need for dentures is more common in older adults, dentures are actually a great solution for people of all ages. Let’s look at some of the ways dentures can help younger adults and even children and teenagers.

Tooth loss and damage

Children are always falling over and off things, it’s a natural part of childhood and, in most cases, they make quick recoveries. More severe accidents, however, can result in teeth being knocked out or damaged. In these cases, partial dentures or dental implants can be fitted to replace the missing teeth and make their smile whole again.

Poor dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is important at all stages of our lives. If children or young adults don’t look after their teeth properly, then it can lead to serious tooth decay. Make sure you brush regularly and visit your dentist for check-ups to avoid tooth loss in this way. But if it does occur, dentures can be used to fix your smile.

Gum disease

Gingivitis and periodontal disease can occur in young people as well as seniors. Again, poor oral hygiene can lead to this condition, as well as other bad habits such as smoking. Gum disease can also be made more likely by genetic factors – if your parents and grandparents had gum disease – hormonal changes, certain medications or treatments, and illnesses that affect your immune system, like leukemia. If you develop gum disease at a young age, then a full set of dentures may be required to recover your smile.

Oral deformity and conditions

Some people are born with or develop conditions that affect the formation of their teeth and gums. This can even occur from birth with conditions such as cleft palate and amelogenesis imperfecta. Juvenile arthritis can also cause oral development problems in children. Many conditions affecting normal tooth growth in children can be corrected with dental work and by having dentures fitted.

Coping with dentures for younger people

You might feel embarrassed or self-conscious about needing dentures at a younger age, but you shouldn’t do. More people than you realize have missing teeth that have been corrected by dental work. When getting your dentures fitted, you can opt for immediate dentures so that you can get your smile back as soon as possible before getting permanent dentures fitted.

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