What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

July 12, 2019 Staff 0 Comments

You probably know when to call 911 and when to just book an appointment with your doctor. But what about when it comes to the dentist? Would you know the difference between a dental emergency and a run-of-the-mill problem that can wait for your next check-up? To help clear this up, let’s look at a few dental issues and whether or not they constitute a dental emergency.

I have bad toothache

A toothache is not generally considered a dental emergency. However, it may be a sign of a more serious issue, so you should book an appointment with your dentist during their office hours. In the meantime, you can treat your pain with over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin. If the pain is still severe, then you may want to treat it as a dental emergency.

I’ve chipped or cracked a tooth

Again, a chipped or cracked tooth can usually wait a day or two until the next available appointment with your dentist, but it may depend on the severity. You might need an emergency appointment if the tooth is badly broken or bleeding heavily, or if you’re experiencing severe pain. Be careful while eating and drinking with a broken tooth as it may be very sensitive.

I’ve lost a tooth

If you’ve lost a tooth, you should try to book an emergency dental appointment as soon as you can. If you handle the tooth properly and see your dentist quickly, then they may be able to save the tooth without the need for dental implants. Avoid touching the nerve-end of the tooth and rinse it off gently. Then, try to hold the broken tooth in place in the empty socket to keep it fresh. If this isn’t possible or if it causes you too much pain, then store the tooth in a container of milk until you can see your dentist.

I have an abscess

Abscessed teeth and gums can be a serious problem, so this should be considered a dental emergency. If it is not treated quickly, then the infection could spread further in your mouth and jaw. You may also be experiencing severe pain as a result of the abscess. While you wait for your emergency dental appointment, try washing your mouth out with saltwater to treat the abscess.

Accidents can’t always be avoided, but getting regular dental check-ups can help to identify warning signs of things like abscesses and cavities. If you have a dental emergency or just need a check-up in Bermuda Run, then get in touch with Dr. Barabe for pain-free dentistry.

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