How Does Poor Oral Hygiene Affect Overall Health

February 26, 2020 Staff 0 Comments

You know the importance of good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. But did you know that your oral health can be connected with your overall health, too? Improper oral care can have knock-on effects for the rest of your body, and some serious health conditions can manifest themselves with symptoms in your mouth.

This article will explain a little more about how your oral hygiene and overall health can be related, and what to look out for.

Complications caused by poor oral hygiene

If you don’t brush and floss your teeth properly, then plaque will build up and more serious conditions like gum disease may arise. The bacteria and possible infections related to gum disease can then affect the overall health of your body, especially if you already have a weakened immune system due to certain illnesses and treatments.

Oral infections can spread throughout the body causing respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Stroke, heart disease, endocarditis, and pneumonia are all conditions that have been linked to severe gum disease and oral infection. For pregnant women, oral infection can even affect the birth and health of their baby, making premature birth more likely.

So, when you focus on a proper oral hygiene routine, you’re not just looking after your teeth and gums, but after your entire body and health, as well.

What oral symptoms could indicate

Conversely, you may notice symptoms in your mouth that are caused by other health conditions. This is why you should have oral symptoms checked out by your dentist – they might not simply be caused by your oral hygiene routine. Diabetes and HIV are examples of diseases that may manifest in oral symptoms.

Osteoporosis can also affect your oral health as it is linked to bone loss in the jaw as well as being connected with your teeth. Keeping a watchful eye on your oral health could help you to spot these conditions early, helping you get it treated effectively. Treating the illness should also help to improve your oral symptoms.

It’s so important to see your family dentist on a regular basis to check the health of your mouth. In between appointments, keep up your oral hygiene routine and contact Advance Family Dental if you have any symptoms that you’re concerned about. We provide pain-free dentistry in Advance, NC.

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