How to Choose the Right Toothpaste

February 17, 2020 Staff 0 Comments

You browse the aisles with dozens of toothpaste options. How do you choose? Different brands, different flavors, whitening toothpaste, plaque-fighting, toothpaste for sensitive teeth…the options seem endless. Can you just go for the cheapest option, or is this a decision that takes a little more thought? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you choose the best toothpaste for you.

What to look for in your toothpaste

The key ingredient in toothpaste that keeps your teeth healthy is fluoride. Check the packaging to find out each product’s fluoride concentration, which should be somewhere between 1,000-2,500 parts per million when it comes to toothpaste for adults. You can also look for the American Dental Association’s seal of approval on the packaging to confirm that it’s a good product.

Beyond this, there are toothpastes that claim different effects for your teeth, and choosing the right one often comes down to personal preference.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

If you experience a sharp pain in one or more of your teeth when you drink hot or cold drinks, or when you go outside in cold weather, then you likely have sensitive teeth. Desensitizing toothpaste helps to control this and keep your mouth pain-free.

Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste can help to give your teeth more of a shine, although it will not have as much of an effect as a proper tooth whitening treatment. It especially helps to prevent stains from developing on your teeth. Whitening toothpaste tends to be slightly more abrasive than other kinds, though, so you should avoid it if you’re prone to tooth sensitivity.

Plaque control toothpaste

A plaque control toothpaste helps to prevent the build-up of plaque on your teeth and gums. However, it does not get rid of existing plaque, so you should still visit your dentist to have this removed.

Flavored toothpaste

There are lots of different mint flavors available, as well as flavorless toothpaste and even more fun flavors for kids. It’s important that you choose a flavor of toothpaste that you enjoy, or that you at least don’t hate. This will encourage you to brush regularly rather than avoiding it. Some flavors are created by heavily sweetening the toothpaste, which should be avoided since this can be bad for your teeth over time.

If you’re still stuck on which toothpaste to choose for you or your children, then you can always ask your family dentist for their advice. They might be able to recommend the best type of toothpaste for you based on your oral health needs. If you need to book an appointment with a dentist in Advance, NC, then contact Advance Family Dental for regular check-ups and pain-free dentistry.

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