The Gums on My Denture Don’t Match the Gums in My Mouth

September 16, 2016 Staff 1 Comments

Full and partial dentures are a great solution for making you feel more confident about your smile. They are used after tooth loss or decay, helping to give you a more natural looking smile. So, when you face a problem like the denture gums not matching your natural gums, it can take away from this newly found confidence. You may become self-conscious about your dentures being visible and obvious.

If you have this problem, then read on for an explanation and tips for coping with it.

Matching dentures to your mouth

Modern dentures are much more natural looking than they used to be, thanks to advances in technology and dentistry skill. Dentures are crafted for the individual to match their mouth, both in terms of fit and appearance. This means that the gums of your dentures will be pigmented to match your own gums as well as possible. This will help them blend in seamlessly with your actual gums. Acrylic resin is often used for the base of dentures as it can be easily dyed different shades.

Can your gums change color?

In some cases, you may notice that your gums start to change color over time. This can be caused by a number of things, including smoking, taking certain medications, gum disease, or another underlying health condition. If you notice your gums changing color significantly, either all over or in patches, then visit your dentist to assess the cause.

What to do when your gums don’t match

If you’re not happy with the match you’ve been given or if the color of your dentures or your actual gums changes over time, then you will need to replace your dentures to solve this problem. The pigment of the gums cannot be changed on your current dentures. New dentures will then be made for you to better suit the color of your gums, providing a more natural appearance.

Translucent denture gums

Another option for acrylic-based dentures is a translucent gumline. Rather than being dyed a color to match your gums, these clearer dentures allow the natural color of your gums to come through the material. Flexible dentures, for example, use a clear material.

If you’re having problems with the appearance or fit of your dentures, then you can book an appointment with us to replace or repair dentures. Our patients come from around North Carolina – Clemmons, Lewisville, Mocksville, Winston Salem, Advance, and Bermuda Run.

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