How to Avoid Denture Problems

September 16, 2016 Staff 0 Comments

Wearing dentures is a great way to restore your smile after tooth loss or decay and give you your self-confidence back. But they do need looking after properly in order to keep the dentures and your mouth in good shape and avoid any serious problems from occurring. Let’s look at some problems that denture wearers might come across and some tips for avoiding these problems.

Dentures not staying put

Especially at first, you may find that your dentures slip out of position when you talk, eat, smile, cough, etc. This isn’t uncommon while you get used to having dentures in your mouth. You can simply bite down to get them back into position. You will gradually get used to keeping them there with the muscles in your cheeks.

If you’re having difficulty with this, then you can also use denture glue to secure them better. It may also be that your dentures are ill-fitting for your mouth. This may happen if they are not fitted correctly or as your mouth changes over time. If problems persist with your dentures slipping out of place, you should see your dentist to determine if they need adjusting.

Irritation in your mouth

Again, when you first get your dentures fitted or as a result of your mouth changing, you may find that the dentures rub your gums and the sides of your mouth, causing discomfort and even pain. This can be common at first as you get used to speaking and eating with dentures in, but it may be another sign that your dentures need adjusting, so consult with your dentist if it is bothering you.

If it’s just about giving yourself some time to adjust, then there are a few things you can do to manage this irritation in the meantime. Topical gels can be applied to relieve and treat denture sores, and rinsing your mouth with salt water when you remove your dentures can help to treat any inflammation they have caused.

Oral infections

If you don’t clean and look after your dentures and your mouth properly, then it can lead to infections like stomatitis and cheilitis. These are yeast infections that produce symptoms like red spots on the roof of your mouth, inflammation in the gums, and cracks forming at the corners of your mouth. To prevent these infections, make sure you follow denture cleaning tips and visit your dentist regularly for a check-up.

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